One Day in St. Louis

The other day my roommate and I were sitting in our rather mundane Physics class, and I had an epiphany; we had no class the next day because of registration for next semester, so I proposed that we take a mini road trip someplace not too far, yet interesting and exciting. We decided on St. Louis in large part because neither of us (at least in recent memory) had observed the monolithic Gateway Arch. After class, Willie (my aforementioned roommate) made some desperation calls to get his shift in the library covered, and we were one step closer to basking in the sheer bliss that accompanies such spontaneity!

When we arrived, we parked the car and got some much needed rest. First thing in the morning we made our way downtown to check out the arch, and I was amazed by the awesome things the morning sun was doing to it! We spent a few hours walking around the area and eventually going up into the arch, and it was all gorgeous! We then spent a few hours walking around downtown and quickly noticed how old so many buildings there seemed to be. The architecture and detailing on them was beautiful! After lunch at the hard rock cafe and a chunk of time being lost in the southern part of the city (which, by the way, held some historic-looking stately neighborhoods), we concluded that we were both sufficiently tired enough to call it a day, and began our trek


The trip’s main goals were to capture some interesting photos of the city and to observe as much of it as we could in the time we allotted ourselves. Three hours of sleep in the car in a Walmart parking lot, 15 hours on the road en route to and from our destination, and a few White Castle cheeseburgers later; I feel like we succeeded.


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