Monday Good Reads #2

Today for my Monday Good Reads I appeal to the testosterone-side of my readers and present for your consideration Dispatches, by Michael Herr.

This was another book assigned to me for a class (I will break this trend eventually I promise). Thing is, I ultimately dropped the class and read this book anyway, it was that good. This memoir was written after Herr, a war correspondent in Vietnam for Esquire, returned from the front and was published in 1977. At the time, as well as now, many veterans from this era are reluctant or unable to talk about their experiences–this provides a glimpse (at times graphic) into one of America’s worst foreign interventions. As a result of the critical acclaim of this memoir, Herr was consulted and credited as a writer in Vietnam War films Full Metal Jacket and Apocalypse Now.

Click the image to be taken to

Actually, I have 2 copies of this book (mistake in ordering them back when I was in school). Anyone want to borrow one?


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