Improvised Guest Room

Last winter, my mom came to visit me! That’s right, she came to stay in my cold, one-bedroom apartment on purpose. That’s how much she loves me. In order to reciprocate and make her as comfortable as possible, I rearranged my dining room into a makeshift guest room for her. After the photo, there’s a description of my dilemma. Any words of encouragement or ideas will be welcomed with open virtual arms!

Warm and welcoming. You too, can stay here if you don't mind a twin mattress on the floor :) Truthfully, it is an extremely comfortable bed.

I folded down the leaves of my dining room table and shoved it against the wall, covering it with an “attractive” tablecloth and stashing paint cans and storage boxes underneath it. This left most of the room available for the current arrangement.


Now for the long story. The dining room has been, ever since the wedding, where stuff crawls in, gets “stored” behind the piano and won’t be seen until we move into a larger place with more storage. That said, it’s kind of a catchall room and while I try to make it usable for dining every once in a while (it’s in the name of the room after all), it’s the room we don’t talk about and hope our guests ignore.

This is unfortunate because we have a piano in there, a sweet dining table my aunt brought up from Texas for me, and a useful hutch that came with the apartment (it has been filled to capacity). If I could get rid of all the “extra” stuff it would be a great room.


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