Pondering Beige

Well, I’ve gotten antsy. After living here for almost a year and a half I feel like I want to move to a bigger city. The natural choice for me is San Diego, but I’ve been job hunting all over the country (lots of rejections, lots of no replies). It would even be exciting to move to a different place in town and work my magic there… This has gotten me to thinking about my habit… nay, addiction… of redoing rooms.

If I move into an apartment that won’t let me paint the walls, I may have to get more crafty. And by that I don’t mean sneaky (totally didn’t intend the double meaning of crafty but glad I went with it), I mean actually crafting things. This is not really my thing, you see, because I’m into the dramatic change, and only somewhat concerned about the details. Making an “apartment beige” place look interesting, fresh, and sophisticated is actually quite challenging.  Painting a room a whole new color–easy dramatic change. DIYing a nifty vase? Detail. And while some thrive on that, it’s less exciting for me.

However, I may be able to get some inspiration from Pale and Interesting… Gotta save up my tips and build my shelter book library :)


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