If I Owned It

I’m such a follower. Sherry and John posted their huge to-do list of things for their new house and it immediately got me in list-making overdrive. I’ll even link to a list-related (?) song you can open in a new tab and listen to while reading the rest of my post ;)  Lisztomania


If I owned the apartment I’m living in, I would make lots of expensive changes. Then I’d live here for the rest of my life and die happy. The list is daunting and the dollar signs would rack up quickly so I didn’t even try to estimate.

  • Install new, modern, insulated windows
  • Knock out the weird column unit in the kitchen (can be glimpsed at left edge of this pictue) and make the counter wrap around to the wall with the window.
  • Re-refinish the floors (someone did it at one point and the finish is peeling up pretty much all over)
  • Install electrical outlets in the bathroom and replace some areas where the tile is messed up
  • Add hardware to the other two transom windows (like this one) so they open to the hallway
Everything else that I can think of is something totally doable but that I haven’t gathered the courage/inspiration to conquer in a rental (or I can’t justify spending the money in a rental)–like…
  • Re-caulk the tub
  • Refinish the kitchen and office cabinets (including boiling the old paint off all the hardware)
  • Paint all the trim in the place one uniform color.
With my mind constantly on the job hunt and the possibility of moving lurking around every corner, I’ve come to the conclusion that this place is “finished” as far as my time spent here is concerned (except for the nagging need to finish the trim in the dining room). I feel that many of my projects have improved the quality of the space, like painting the living room and dining room, and that simply keeping it clean will please the new landlords once we’re out.

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One thought on “If I Owned It”

  1. We had our tub re-caulked in our old apartment by simply asking our apartment manager. Do you think yours would do the same? Also, caulking yourself is so inexpensive and fast and makes a world of difference. You should give it a go!

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