Technical Difficulties!

If you follow me on twitter you’ll already know that our mac went on the fritz last Friday! To be honest, it’s a miracle I even got my succulent post up since from what I told the mac guy, turning it on that one last time was a fluke. I guess the computer just knew how excited I was about my new little plants. The diagnosis is the hard drive… the computer can’t detect it? Doesn’t sound good. Or cheap.

Last week was a bit cray cray overall, to be honest! It started with a trip to the doc for Mosey on Monday (he is fine), and a trip to the doc for a physical for Doug (work required), antibiotics for me (I still have that cold from December lingering on), and then the mac had to go to the computer doctor! When it rains it certainly pours! I am thankful that we are blessed to be able to afford this medical care–for the whole family–including first world problems like “my dog has a weird bump” and “my computer isn’t working.”

Anyway, I can still blog from my laptop (another blessing) but the photos will not be as nice. Boooo!!! 

Also, I’ve been up in my hometown with my sister getting tons of stuff squared away for her wedding (Yaaaay!!) and it has been lots of fun and I have a few things to blog about–but will involve detail and glamour shots of my recent project so they might have to be delayed indefinitely.

So… happy Tuesday?

Is it still snowing where you are, or has spring finally arrived?
Can you believe it’s almost April? 


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2 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties!”

  1. Sorry for the “illnesses” in your family. I know Stephanie and your Mom are glad for your help with the wedding plans. I am also glad that I had boys so all I basically had to do was show up to their weddings 😉 Can’t wait to see you in August for the wedding.

    Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2013 08:46:37 +0000

  2. I am sorry to hear that :( I am still waiting for warmer weather here in Paris, luckily it is not snowing.

    Hope you have a great day!



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