I made a new Yelp list that I’ll try to update every time I find a distinctive eatery out here in Steak Country. (Trust me, mankind, man cannot–and should not–live on steak and mashed potatoes alone!)

KS for the Foodie

It always baffles me when people come into Amics and stare at the menu as if it were written in Chinese. Aside from the fact that salads and sandwiches are named after famous artists (which, judging by peoples’¬†pronunciation, nobody in KS knows anything about art… Matisse, is it that hard? ) everything is pretty straight forward. A “pretzel roll” is a roll made out of a pretzel. “Sun-dried tomatoes” are tomatoes that have been dried out in the sun. OK, I won’t judge you if you ask about pesto or aioli. Not everyone’s a cook, I get that. But it’s not like our menu is full of fanciness. An olive is an olive. A green pepper is a green pepper. To use the popular internet acronym I only recently learned the meaning of….. SMH.


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One thought on “YELP!”

  1. I get it. Sometimes you have to, on the spot, find a way to answer someone’s really dumb question in a way that makes them feel not so stupid. It’s a challenge, indeed. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose.

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