The Big Reveal

Yes, although I would have preferred to post this at a normal blogging hour, (like 10-ish which is my goal,) I figured slipping this one in during the evening would be better than waiting till tomorrow. Oh wait. Tomorrow I have another reveal.

Anyway, you remember the Pinterest Challenge, yes? Well, as you can see from that old post, I decided to do a double whammy and do I guess the “Big” part in this title is misleading. This was possibly the easiest DIY ever DIYed.

It involved buying a new, pretty shiny, faux stainless steel picture frame from Target (approx $7) and some dry erase markers. I have a stash of maps–you may have seen some of them in the office in my recent home tour. Well, I love maps with lots of water and decided British Columbia would fit the bill nicely. I cut a piece to size, inserted it, and planned a week’s worth of meals.

Our kitchen walls are plaster so I’m not going to attempt to hang this up (nails are a disaster in here) so for now it takes up valuable real estate on our tiny counter. I was considering using magnets to put it on the refrigerator but it’s surprisingly heavy. I will come up with a solution someday.

Side note: meal planning is excellent. It makes grocery shopping and takes the guesswork out of “what should we have for dinner?” Yes, Β you can cheat and swap meals. We had stuffed zucchini tonight (more on that tomorrow) and BBQ meatballs yesterday. Oh well! I just erase the “completed” meal and have the others to choose from. :)

Did you participate? You inspired by me to make a dry-erase note board? Please comment! I love comments!


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2 thoughts on “The Big Reveal”

  1. I want to do something with picture frames too….maybe photo mattes. Also, I am always jealous of how cooking seems to come easy to you. I hate cooking and am horrible at it even though it was what I did for like half of my college classes! Either way, your project turned out pretty and it did inspire me to maybe start meal planning….but let’s be realistic, I would probably write things to do or shop for instead :P

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