The Big Reveal

Yes, although I would have preferred to post this at a normal blogging hour, (like 10-ish which is my goal,) I figured slipping this one in during the evening would be better than waiting till tomorrow. Oh wait. Tomorrow I have another reveal.

Anyway, you remember the Pinterest Challenge, yes? Well, as you can see from that old post, I decided to do a double whammy and do I guess the “Big” part in this title is misleading. This was possibly the easiest DIY ever DIYed.

It involved buying a new, pretty shiny, faux stainless steel picture frame from Target (approx $7) and some dry erase markers. I have a stash of maps–you may have seen some of them in the office in my recent home tour. Well, I love maps with lots of water and decided British Columbia would fit the bill nicely. I cut a piece to size, inserted it, and planned a week’s worth of meals.

Our kitchen walls are plaster so I’m not going to attempt to hang this up (nails are a disaster in here) so for now it takes up valuable real estate on our tiny counter. I was considering using magnets to put it on the refrigerator but it’s surprisingly heavy. I will come up with a solution someday.

Side note: meal planning is excellent. It makes grocery shopping and takes the guesswork out of “what should we have for dinner?” Yes,  you can cheat and swap meals. We had stuffed zucchini tonight (more on that tomorrow) and BBQ meatballs yesterday. Oh well! I just erase the “completed” meal and have the others to choose from. :)

Did you participate? You inspired by me to make a dry-erase note board? Please comment! I love comments!


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2 thoughts on “The Big Reveal”

  1. I want to do something with picture frames too….maybe photo mattes. Also, I am always jealous of how cooking seems to come easy to you. I hate cooking and am horrible at it even though it was what I did for like half of my college classes! Either way, your project turned out pretty and it did inspire me to maybe start meal planning….but let’s be realistic, I would probably write things to do or shop for instead :P

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