Outside, Outside!

Five days without a post was just too long. I’m sorry. Hope my post from yesterday made up for it!!

The good news is that as of last Saturday, everything and I mean everything is out of the old place. (Two Saturdays ago was “moving day” but it took us a full week to get the rest of everything out–working around 40 hour jobs, band practice, and church events.) I gave the landlord my key and now Doug has to turn his in (he’ll be sad to part with the red key with a little light that seems superfluous but is really handy when opening locks in the dark) and then we’ll be done-zo.

That means that all of our earthly possessions now reside here. Many of them have been put away but a lot of stuff is hanging out in the junk room office waiting to find their new home. Which will happen once we figure out some storage solutions. Someday. The built-ins in the old office were much more useful and utilized than I ever realized. Uh-oh… It’s an adventure.

But, enough about that, today I’m finally going to show you the hot mess that is the exterior. Okay, it’s really not that bad. But after a lot of elbow grease, some paint and some plants, I hope the “after” will blow everyone’s socks (mine included) off.

Here’s the back yard. It doesn’t look very exciting, does it? Well that’s because as of right now, it’s nothing special. Perhaps it’s even sub-special. But! The good news is that I don’t have to carry Mosey up 20+ stairs after he has to go out in the middle of the night. And that’s what counts. The yard is more or less fenced, and we have some supplies to expand the fenced in area so Mosey has more room.

The backyard does have a slope, so if we ever decide to try to put in a patio or something, that will have to be dealt with. but… baby steps.

I showed you the worst picture first so that there’d be nowhere to go but up! Next I’ll show you the front of the house!

Sorry about the intense shadow, I took these pictures and am composing this post on my lunch break. And this is what the shadows to at 12:30. Here’s the front. The yard has some  green-ness to it, which is saying something considering the hot, dry, oppressive summer we had to deal with. The stucco, tile roof and overall south-west style is absolutely great. It’s like my own little slice of home here in Kansas. We’ll work on grass this fall and see what we come up with in the spring.

Here’s the front walk. When you go through the arch, turning right you’ll see the front door. Pretty cute, right? I like the way it separates the house from the yard, but I don’t like how Mosey has repeatedly dragged me down the 4 concrete stairs while I had my arms full of stuff. Anyway, this so cute but it can be cuter. Again, I’ll keep you updated.

So, in summary, right now she’s not the prettiest chica on the block. We have big plans for the exterior including:

  • Stucco patching
  • Paint updating
  • Grass planting
  • Fence expanding
  • Patio creating
  • Concrete painting

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