We’ve got curtain rods and curtains up on the wall in the living room and dining room. This should have been easy but the plaster walls turned a simple task into a nightmare. Screws won’t go in unless holes are pre-drilled so this took forever.

However, we used a couple of handy little tips to keep it from being a really lengthy project:

  • I devised a template made from a post card to use as we made our guide marks. This kept us from getting out the tape measure time and time again. By holding the postcard against the corner of the window, we could hang the curtains 6 inches out from the woodwork, and by using our handy little marks the template ensured that all the holes would be drilled at the correct height.
  • By sticking a folded piece of blue tape to the wall, we caught all of the dust inevitably generated by drilling/screwing into a plaster wall. Then by surgically carefully removing it and folding it up, we kept the dust from going everywhere!

Voila! The finished product:

They aren’t finished because I have to cut them up the middle, hem and shorten. These puppies were way too expensive to buy a set for each window, plus, even if we had bought a full set each, that would be waaaaay too much fabric for one window! BUT, that said, I can’t WAIT to have them finished!! I love the way the green goes up the wall and brings a gorgeous infusion of color into the room. It reassures my vision of a “colorful white room” or, white room that doesn’t seem bland or boring at all. With more accessories and wall art, anything is possible!


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3 thoughts on “Curtains”

  1. Is there a white curtain behind the front ones? I can’t tell, but it looks like it. Just not sure. :)
    I think it looks great! :)

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