Curtains, 2

Yesterday’s post really should have been way, way, way more gushy. I seriously can’t get over these green IKEA curtains. At first, I was worried since they seem to be popular on design blogs, I don’t want to be like “everyone else” but now that they’re on the wall I’m never looking back. I seriously just dig ’em.

We hung curtains in the dining room to break up the big wall’o’windows and I like the effect they give. We got rich brown to tie in with the darker brown in our living room rug (snagged on sale from World Market a week ago).

The only problem is that I have to let the hems out. Wa wa. Right now they look like high-water pants, but I think by letting the hem out I can gain the necessary 2 inches. Maybe I’ll even add a little somethin’ special down there, who knows!


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