Bathroom Inspiration

As soon as I saw this picture on Pinterest, I knew what was in store for my bathroom. In all fairness and proper blogging etiquette, the original pic is from Kohler Talk. A blog about bathrooms, pretty much exclusively. What!

Anyway, We removed the doors from the cabinet above the toilet and rearranged everything. We have too many towels. Towels from our wedding that we didn’t ask for (actually these are so nice, but HUGE and take up a lot of space even folder), random green towels that showed up in my apartment a few years ago (I never found out where they came from) among others. Nobody will ever complain about not being able to dry off at my house.

This all started by me being totally jealous of John and Sherry’s kitchen renno but lacking the funds or ability to do anything about I have decided to do minor upgrades on the bathroom. As part of my larger vision, one cabinet with open shelving will make the place feel more fancy-schmancy. Also, you can see the open cabinet in the mirror while you’re on the jon, which gives you something nice to look at while being otherwise occupied.

Also included on the to-do list:

  • replace hardware throughout the bathroom with brushed nickel knobs (instead of cheapo white plastic)
  • figure out something as far as the shower curtain is concerned
  • fill in awkward cheap-looking seams on the cabinet to make the discount-contractor’s installation look as upscale as possible
  • dress the window… somehow… with something…
  • frost the window so we can ditch the dirty mini-blinds!

Baby steps though. Right now we need to paint the back of the cabinet. I hope to have this little project done by the end of the weekend!



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