Bathroom Cabinet Before and After

Finally! Guess what readers, this is a new milestone in my blog’s life.

I have a “Before and After” post, with both “before” and “after” photos.

I know, right?

As I posted about on Friday, I used a pinterest photo for inspiration when it came to the cabinet above the toilet in the bathroom.

See, the inside of the cabinet was kind of a disgrace. Only half of the shelves were being utilized, and everything was kind of a mishmash. Luckily, a different cabinet we had was also more-or-less unused, so a minor rearrangement was all it took to make this more functional and beautiful.

The first thing we did was remove the cabinet doors, then unload all the items from the cabinet. We took our towels out of the other cabinet, bought a couple of baskets (one of them is elsewhere in the bathroom) and a jar at Target (less than $30 total) and prepped where everything would go.

After taking the doors off, I filled the cabinet hinge screw-holes with spackle, sanded them and painted the outside edge glossy white (the same color we did all the trim in the house).  We took out the shelves and Doug painted the back of the cabinet while I worked on a different project (I was simply too short for this project). All it took was two coats of grey paint left over from the gallon we had from guest-room touch-ups.

Here’s our beautiful after!!

I’m glad that we can put useful yet beautiful items here and hide ugly ones (like vitamins and lotions, etc) in a cabinet with doors. Hope our guests find it handy that towels, washcloths, and the like are readily available.

Many thanks to The Stucco Bungalow and Merrypad, among others, for holding the Pinterest Partayy, which lit a fire under my keester to get this project done by January 15!


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5 thoughts on “Bathroom Cabinet Before and After”

    1. I was so excited to have this ready in time to link up!!! The towels are from Walmart, believe it or not, from the better homes and gardens line.

  1. Isnt it awesome when such a small (& relatively easy, especially for tall people) change makes such a big difference! Love it.

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