Guess What…

This was a great weekend.

I mean, aside from the fact that I spent more than half of the weekend hours in bed trying to get over a cold (for someone like me who never gets sick, even a little cold feels like the end of the world), this was a great weekend.


Let me show you…




This trip finally feels like a reality, and I finally feel like I can function like a normal human being instead of being nervously preoccupied with passport delays, ticket prices going up, etc. Phew!! Now I can focus on planning what sights we need to see, where we need to eat, and what I’m going to wear! Oh yeah, and going back to the Y after my illness-induced hiatus to work on getting in shape. I don’t want to cringe when I look at my vacay pictures! Luckily I have a few months between now and then to work on my bod and to work on getting to know our new camera beauty!

PS: One of my FAVORITE bands, Delta Spirit, has a new album coming out. Stream it now courtesy of Rolling Stone.


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