Weekend Resolutions

My feet cannot wait to scoot out of work at 5:00. I’m trying to keep busy so I don’t think about how nice it is outside but… IT IS SO NICE OUTSIDE!

This weekend, I resolve to:

  • Grill out without melting/burning our city trash can (long story).
  • Watch the KU game outside projected onto our friends’ garage (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!)
  • Practice using the new camera Saturday night at The Patio (gotta get into the habit of bringing it places).
  • Celebrate our third dating-anniversary by lunching at PF Chang’s (our first date).
  • Play with the pupster (of course).
  • Measure out the backyard and daydream up some patio and landscaping plans.

What are your plans?


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Staci blogs about travel at TheVoyageer.com.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Resolutions”

  1. Hope the grilling is successful. Melting something by accident, or setting something on fire, are my two biggest grill related fears.

    My weekend looks much less fun in comparison. We’re getting the car fixed tomorrow, and selling back some books to Powells (gotta make room for baby!). Sunday is going to a Honda dealership to check out those options. And we get to do all this in a dreary rain/cloud haze. =( Worship some sun on our behalf!

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