Easy-to-Mail Christmas Gifts

Today I am over at XOXO, Lib with a gift roundup of things that are easy to mail.

Enamel Pins

With friends and family living far away from me, and running etsy/ebay shops on the side, I find myself mailing packages more than the average person. So, I know what’s expensive to mail and what isn’t. Please take a few tips from my extensive experience… (tip #1… just don’t mail breakables unless you truly must!)

Read more at XOXO, Lib.


30 Days of Quickwrites (Typecrafters Challenge)

Hey guys! I know I have mentioned it before but in addition to my normal job and writing in this here blog (some months more frequently than others), I have a little baby side business called Typecrafters.

Typecrafters Logo.jpg

My mom actually got the ball rolling on this several years ago and I have taken it over nowadays. I do a little light graphic design (like business cards) under this moniker, but my main focus is on formatting books for print or for kindle.

Typecrafters InstagramThe reason I’m bringing it up now is that last week I started a “30 Days of Quickwrites” challenge over on the Typecrafters Instagram. Writing can be hard work and I’d love to build a community where authors support each other and help them get over blocks.

I’ve really dealt with writers’ block (even in relation to this blog) in the past, and sometimes just having a little nudge helps get the thoughts flowing. Even if you don’t consider yourself a “writer” in a creative capacity, I have found that writing is so important to success in life. The ability to communicate clearly helps in work and relationships. Too often I just post tweets and some weeks, the longest thing I write is an email for work. When working on a longer piece or a complicated idea (like a book club response, for example), I have actually found more dimensions to my thoughts and opinions as I get it all out.

I have all 30 days already planned out. Some of the prompts will be topical personal reactions, some of them are fiction (admit it, you’ve always wanted to try out fiction) and one of them is even poetry.

If you’re into writing and you want to brainstorm some ideas, take a stab at a few (or all!) of the writing prompts. You don’t have to show anyone and you don’t have to post them anywhere, but I encourage you to write about two pages per prompt.

Let me know how it goes!

Happy Autumn! 

Good afternoon!

Yesterday was my birthday which signals the end of summer and beginning of fall! Naturally, I had to go to Starbucks this morning and get my birthday drink—first pumpkin spice latte of the season! The beginning of the school year is always crazy which explains my lack of posting in September. After a crazy day at work I just need to unplug at home. I’ve been trying to get 10,000 steps a day on my Fitbit so that keeps me active.

This weekend I am heading out to go camping! It’s the first of two camping trips I have planned with friends for this fall. I normally only go for one night, but this is set up for two nights. Roughing it for 48 hours? We’ll see how that goes over!

Libby was the first person in my feed to “describe yourself in three characters” on her Instagram. I thought long and hard and picked my three! I posted this pic on Instagram but thought I’d elaborate here in my fun Friday post.

Liz Lemon is my spirit animal. Hands down. I am not #foreveralone but aside from her love life aspect I see myself in her a lot—the frantic personality, sarcastic sense of humor, and the struggle to “have it all.” Peyton was my high school idol. Her taste in music and fashion were impossibly cool and my pinnacle aspiration. Her attempt to put on a brave face and cover her insecurities really spoke to me in high school and that part of me is still inside (even though I’ve made strides in being more confident and assertive). I was stumped on my third personality representation and fought hard when Doug suggested Lorelai for me. Yes, she’s immature and indecisive at times (let’s face it, so am I) but she’s also stubborn and driven and made her small-business dream a reality. Honorable mention goes to the sarcastic guy with the boring job, Chandler Bing, who got edged out by Lorelai (because he is kind of redundant when Liz Lemon was my #1).

Have you picked your three characters that represent you yet?