Moving Week!

It’s moving week! 

I’m so excited to load up our truck and head on out to my native homeland! I’m sure “excited” won’t be the word I use by the end of the week, after we drive three days, arrive at our destination, unload the truck, and flop down asleep (probably) on an unmade mattress in the middle of the living room floor or something. I know it’s something everyone says every time they move, but how did we ever get so much stuff?! I’m already mentally preparing myself for complete and utter exhaustion.

While I mostly focus on home-related things, I do fancy myself as a sometime travel blogger, so expect a few more “travel-y” posts about California. And on that note, I thought it would be fitting to turn this transition week over into some very capable hands–a few guest bloggers graciously agreed to post about some of their favorite California cities: San Diego, Temecula, and Los Angeles! Let’s be honest: I’m super proud of myself for planning ahead!

I hope you enjoy this week of getting to know Southern California, and make sure to check out each guest poster’s blog!

I can’t wait to share pictures of our new place, our new neighborhood, and new life! However, I know there’s going to be some down time– I don’t even know when we’ll get the internet set up at our new apartment! Thanks for joining us along the way, though. I’ll try to check back in (using coffee shop wi-fi if need be) with our unpacking, setting up, and job hunting updates. You can also follow me on twitter if you’re suffering from withdrawals.


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