Packing has taken over the universe. So, time for the quickest post in the history of posts. A quick blog poll. Please reply in the comments or tweet @myfriendstaci.

  • Q1: Do I take the shower curtain (XL, bought on amazon) with me or leave it behind? The next residents don’t move in ’till November. I think that’s plenty of time for them to acquire a new one. 
  • Q2: What is the best way to transport Scentsy bars if I’m worried about them melting? Certainly I shouldn’t have to put them in my cooler with the condiments we’re moving…? 

Yeah, moving makes one think of really weird things. If you have any other random tips or things you wish you would have known, you have t-minus three days to sneak them into the comments below!

I can’t wait to show you our new place; if all goes according to plan I should have some photos for you in a little over a week! Monday, we’re getting in the truck and making our way to California. I’ve got something really special planned for next week, though, so you won’t be stuck with a week of radio silence…

Wish us luck! Keep Mosey in your thoughts, especially. Moving is probably so confusing to him! 

PS: One great thing among all this is the latest WordPress app for iPhone… ever since the update it has been SO EASY to reply to comments and craft posts from wherever I am. Can you believe my Ode to In-Flight Magazines was composed completely on-plane?


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  1. The shower curtain for us when we moved simply depended on if we actually wanted to keep it. We left it, because we were going to purchase a new one anyways. If you like the one you have, take it. :)

    With the scentsy, I would take them in at night when you stop at a hotel and keep them at your feet near the air conditioner.

    My grandparents buy us LOTS of See’s Chocolate (I so miss that place!) whenever they go to CA and that’s what they do when transporting them back to Kansas. If it works for chocolate, my guess is it would work for wax. :)

    Have a safe and fun trip! I always loved traveling with Adam. :) (Never have with the kids though, only did it with one cat)

  2. If your bathroom needs a shower curtain, then bring it. I had that problem where I couldn’t shower once because there wasn’t one and I didn’t want to get water all of the place.
    But then again, I’m sure you could buy one between now and then and have it ready by the time you arrive and want to shower. Also, there’s probably cuter ones now!

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