Take a Tour: The White Peacock

About a month ago, I started hearing a lot of buzz about this coffee and tea house in Lindsborg, KS called The White Peacock. I couldn’t stand the mystery any longer, so I headed over to check it out and I was immediately smitten. Today I stopped back in and they allowed me to take a few photos to share with you! I’m so glad I got a chance to visit again.

I love the Scandinavian style. Decor like this isn’t something one normally sees in Kansas, but considering that Lindsborg is known as “Little Sweden,” it is totally fitting, and a breath of fresh air. I love the pairing of wood tones with white and cream neutrals, with red and earth-tone accents. The reason the neutrals work without being boring is the overwhelming lightness of the wood and white finishes, with the unexpected pops of red.

Coffee and tea, yes, they had these things as one would expect… but they much more… like baked goods, candy, fudge, and a reading room (where you can borrow the books, if I’m not mistaken)!

And an expertly gardened backyard with room for a lot more people. If only it wasn’t so 100° today…

If you’d like to go, their address is 124 S Main, Lindsborg, KS. Check out their facebook for hours and location. Personally, if I had lived closer this whole time, I would have spent every Saturday morning out in that garden with a book and a yummy coffee –try the vanilla honey latte!

This is the first time I’ve shot a business. Do you like it?
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6 thoughts on “Take a Tour: The White Peacock”

  1. GORGEOUS photos, Staci! I didn’t know there was so much to that place, I’d only seen the very front before. I’m absolutely going back. I love that Lindsborg is close enough that it doesn’t take a whole day to go there but it’s still out-of-town enough for when you just need to get away.

    Seriously incredible photos.

    1. Thanks a ton, Libby!
      I know what you mean about Lindsborg–30 minutes away is not bad, and you get the added benefit of not seeing everybody you know like you might happen to do at certain other local coffee shops ;)

  2. This looks like a nice place to while away some time and your photos are great! I think I will try and make a vanilla & honey latte for breakfast on Saturday, that sounds like it may become a favourite for fall.

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