Our Wedding

Happily Married since June 20, 2010.
Thank you to all who attended or thought of us on our special day.

The ceremony was held outside at Wall Park, in McPherson, KS. Due to heat and wind, the reception
was held indoors, and the McPherson Free Methodist Church.

Wedding Party

Stephanie Lovett, Maid of Honor
Angela Cerda, Bridesmaid
Amy Low, Bridesmaid

Paul Rouse, Best Man
Justin Powers, Groomsman
David Hedge, Groomsman

Flowers by Fruits of the Spirit, McPherson. Shoes by Banana Republic.
Rings by Riddle Jewelry and Polkadile on Etsy.

Men’s Shirts from Kohl’s. Pants from Banana Republic. Ties and vest from Men’s Wearhouse.

About the Wedding

The wedding was held on Father’s Day, June 20, 2010. The ceremony was held at Wall Park in McPherson, against the best efforts of gale-force wind and extreme heat–believe it or not, I do not remember it being THAT hot ;) –but for the well-being of our guests and ourselves, the reception was held in the fellowship hall of McPherson Free Methodist church. Refreshments included cake, blueberry pie, other sweets, fruit (healthy!) and chips and salsa. A photobooth was set up in the adjoining room and produced some of my favorite pictures of the whole event. The guestbook consisted of vintage postcards purchased from antique stores; the guests wrote their message on their favorite card.

The Whole Story

Doug and I met while attending school in McPherson, KS. We became close friends, but nothing more than that developed at this time. I transferred schools to Point Loma in San Diego, but we kept in touch by talking on the phone every few months for a couple of years. Unlucky in other romantic pursuits, we became drawn together through ever-more-frequent phone conversations. The decision was made to take a chance on the dreaded “Long Distance Relationship.”  Seven months later, including less than 10 days spent in each other’s presence, we were engaged (at the mall!!). I began wedding planning from a distance and after graduation relocated to McPherson on Jan 1, 2010.

Engagement photos taken at La Jolla Shores, San Diego.

All wedding photos by The Visual Theory.
All engagement photos by Angela Cerda.

10 thoughts on “Our Wedding”

  1. Its me, just letting you know that I stopped by. Keep texting me updates and such. Or call me, I love talking to you any day <3
    Edited pictures to follow, after finals XD

  2. I’m so excited! it’s all happening :) I’m so blessed to have you as a sister and I’m honored to be your Maid of Honor <3

  3. I am seriously trying my hardest to get there! I will know for sure if I am coming in 2 weeks! I love you 2 and I’m SO excited for you!

  4. Hey Stacikins! I’m so excited for you and Doug! I’m so glad that I’ve been friends with you long enough to remember when Doug was still the semi-secret crush! You are an amazing person. Your registry is also amazing haha, i love all the stuff you picked out. It’s so you :) I wish you all the best things in life <3

  5. Talked to your mom and dad while they were in Oklahoma last evening. Sorry we won’t be able to be in KS, business calls for us to be in TX then. Visited your Target Registry, a couple of things are on the way, have a great day Sunday!
    Mike, Vicki and family.

  6. Hi my name is Abby Schlesinger and I think I have met you once or twice before. I believe we have a few mutual friends (Sarah Crawmer-Reeves, Tricia Fensky (From Amics), Lisa Salasin). Anyways, I apologize for the complete randomness that is this post, but I was talking to Sarah recently about your wedding (which I heard was awesome! :) ) and she had mentioned that you had rented some really neat looking wooden chairs for the ceremony. I was wondering how much it was to rent them and where you rented them from? I am getting married in May, and in need of some neat chairs! Thanks so much and sorry for the creeper post! :) You can add me as a friend on Facebook if that is easier to communicate!

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