Downsized Living Room

A couple of weeks ago, I showed you my living room and it was looking a-something like this…

Nowadays, after bidding aideu to the blue couch inherited from college friends (we passed it on to yet another college student… perhaps it will live forever in the dorms of college students) we are working with a whole mess of mid-century modern furniture…

I love MCM furniture, very much. But I abide by a rule I read somewhere on the interwebs that said that you should only have 30% of your furniture in a given room “match” as far as time period is concerned. And the coffee table, couch, and teak-and-wicker chairs in the background are currently making up the majority of the furniture in the room, making it a little too MCM all at once. In the new place I hope to get some kind of modern industrial shelving unit or TV stand to offset the couch and coffee table, and have the chairs I reupholstered in a different room (or different vignette) to break up the Mad Men party.

From a different angle, I moved the pink and tan rug slightly and set up Doug’s cajon on it for an extra seat and to anchor the rug down. Mosey likes to move the zebra pillow and sit on it to chew his dog toys. I think in an alternate world, this would be the perfect spot for a white leather Moroccan pouf (I am constantly kicking myself for not bringing one home from Morocco–I would’ve saved like 75% off Joss & Main‘s asking price).

Here’s a never-before seen angle of the living room, our media setup. It has never before been seen for good reason… it ain’t much to look at. We’re saving up to get a proper media unit with shelves and doors to hide DVDs and video games– instead of our current setup which has video games stashed in those crates (John Derian for Target some time ago) and the DVDs in a separate room altogether. The pull mechanism in the bamboo blinds is busted, explaining their haphazard hang. And the cable cord coming in from the windowsill? I can’t even. I do love the bicycle print we picked up in Lawrence, KS a while ago, though.

The good news is, the light and airy bones of the vintage furniture lend themselves well to furniture Tetris

They will fit fabulously on the moving truck!

What do you think? Loving the Mad Men look, or do you want a bit of contrast to break up the teak party? Wanna come help load up our moving truck in a few weeks? 


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9 thoughts on “Downsized Living Room”

  1. I LOVE the Mad Men look…and I really do appreciate it, but it’s not something I would actually pull together in my own house. Not sure why that is!

    1. I think it has a lot to do with the age/style of the house and the size of the rooms! I think it would be really hard to pull off a ton of MCM in a McMansion, for example… the scale would be so strange! Still, I like to try and sneak one piece into every room ;)

  2. I’m so worried about the furniture when I finally have my own place (possibly with Mikhail) since I love so many different eras that I might not be able to find a happy medium.

    Also, I see that lovely PS3! You two should add me…my sn is ‘liraelle’ as always lol! AND if you don’t have it already, check out the game Sound Shapes. It’s SUPER FUN.

    1. Good eye! We mostly use the PS3 to watch Netflix but occasionally we get the urge to play some video games. Of course, now they’re all boxed up (got that taken care of last night). I’ll be sure to add you!
      If you ever need help figuring out your new place, you know who to ask ;)

  3. I love mid-century modern furniture, too. I dream of swapping out my IKEA stuff bit by bit for beautiful classics. And I think instead of matching 30% of the furniture in a room, you should just match it 100% to your personality!

    1. I totally agree with the 100% personality comment! However, my personality tends to lean towards a mix and match of styles so that’s what I’ll work towards ;)

  4. This living room is glorious. I don’t usually like white walls, but it makes everything in there look bright and happy.

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