Moving in.

Oh man. Here it is Thursday, and I’m getting out my first post of the week! Is it really Thursday? I don’t even know what day of the week it is. I know you guys will go easy on me, though, because other things have been more pressing… you know, like moving in, job interviews, grocery shopping, etc. I hope you really enjoyed the guest posts last week! If you ever make it out to CA, I hope you look us up or at least take some of their tips under consideration!

We should have wi-fi at our place early next week because it makes more sense to get signed up now (even though we remain jobless) than pay the same price in 3G overages on our iPhones. Yikes. The thought of it gives me cold sweats.

The drive was long and boring as I knew it would be, since I was alone (well, with Mosey) in the small car while Doug and his dad tag-teamed the big moving truck and trailer operation. Due to the trailer we made the whole trip (approx. 1500 miles) under 65 mph. That added on some time but I admit it helped my peace of mind knowing that our earthly belongings weren’t careening around the country at break neck speed–also we totally killed it on MPG. Here’s my protip for the day–if you really, really wanna save money on a cross-country trip, drive 60pm the whole time.

Here, some first glimpses of our apartment:


Yes! It is seriously basic! Light brown carpet and white walls. All 824 sq feet of it. You know what? I am seeing this as a real opportunity to be taken. Let’s be honest: not a lot of design blogs have to deal with apartment-complex imposed restrictions. They either own their place and can do whatever they want, or have a really laissez-faire landlord (like I used to, especially when we lived in our loft) and pretty much get free reign.

I’m going to embrace these limitations! White walls and light brown carpet? Bring it on! Know what? The vast majority of people like me (early twenties, living in larger apt. complexes) have the same parameters we have now. And as my tagline says, I want to prove that any home can be made fabulous.

Here’s to the new phase! 


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