China Cabinet Steal

When I was visiting CA about a month ago trying to nail down a place to live and turn in lots of job applications, my mother and I happened to wander through IKEA together because that’s a totally normal, fun thing to do in San Diego (and cheaper than going to Sea World. In theory). Well, we had successfully made it through the store without picking anything up, when something wonderful caught my eye in the “as-is” section.

This IKEA STOCKHOLM cabinet is not made of real wood but it seems like it is, due to a high-quality oak veneer instead of their regular “foil” veneer (which is incredibly thin and damages easily). IKEA has different quality items at different price points, and as the website shows, this goes for right around $300.

We had just come from putting down a deposit on the apartment we now live in, so the layout of the unit was very fresh in my mind. I knew that a small wall separating the kitchen from the dining area would fit the scale of this perfectly. By perfectly, I don’t mean down-to-the-inch, but a visually pleasing 3-4 inches of cushion on either side of it. I wanted this baby bad.

Guess how much I paid for it?

That’s right. Well, to make a short story long, when we spied it in the “as is” section, it was marked at $75. It was already assembled and we didn’t have room in my mom’s Corolla for it. They wouldn’t hold it for us, and we decided to roll the dice and see if it was there the next day. So, the following day my mom dropped me off at the airport to head back to Kansas and then hit up IKEA in the family pickup truck. Lo and behold, not only was this china cabinet still there, but it had been marked down an additional $25.

Let’s review. Original Price = $299. New Price = $50. That’s a 83% discount! 

Here it is, filled up with dishes and looking oh so beautiful in a space that is the perfect size for it.

I’m in love. I’m also already out of space to store dishes! 

One more thing: Do you have any tips on how to remove tape residue from glass? My razor blade didn’t seem to work this time. Help?


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10 thoughts on “China Cabinet Steal”

  1. Try Goo Gone. It might take some work but I think it should help. Oh and what on that is even damaged? It looks perfect to me!

  2. Gurrrrl you hit the jackpot!!! I got lucky last time I was browsing the Ikea as-is section, too. I got my perfect black Expedit shelving unit for $80! Marked down from $139. We had to disassemble it and shove in into my Ford Focus along with another passenger and our luggage for the 6 hour drive back home. lol worth it!

    They just announced this morning that KC, MO is getting an Ikea! That shortens my drive by half! <3

    1. I just saw that news on facebook like 5 minutes ago! CONGRATS MIDWEST! Wish a KC IKEA would have been in existence a year ago. Can you believe we had to drive to Dallas, Denver or Chicago?

  3. What a good find! I loved this when I saw it in store the first time, it looks so different. Your china collection is quite nice as well.

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