Life on the 3rd Floor

Back when I was making a wish list for my apartment hunt, I really wanted a ground-level unit (or a two-level unit with the entrance on the front). Naturally, with only three days to search for and get approved for an apartment, some priorities had to fall by the wayside. When I found the complex we are in, it had everything we “needed” (and by that I mean adequate square footage, a dishwasher, and a hot tub) except for an available first-floor unit. Now I find myself walking up the stairs multiple times daily to our third floor apartment.

So, it’s time to make a fun little pro- and con- list in regards to living on the third floor. I prefer to list “cons” first so that the list ends on a few positive notes ;)


  • Walking up the stairs, especially carrying things, or taking the dog outside at midnight, is kind of a pain. A few weeks ago I scraped the back of my ankle on the stone and concrete and it continues to heal very slowly…
  • Having neighbors below us makes me a bit self-conscious since Mosey can get very rambunctious  So far, no complaints though. A lot of apartments this age have concrete between levels: if this one does, then the neighbors below us really won’t be able to hear our 20-pound tornado.
  • Moving in was the worst. And moving out, when that day comes, will be too. That’s a given. Thank goodness for the elevator; without it I never would have signed the lease for up here!


  • More privacy: I can imagine if we were on the first level and our patio opened up onto the common area, I wouldn’t leave the blinds open all the time like I do now. Sound does carry up from the pool, but I imagine it’s worse if the pool is right outside the patio.
  • The view really is lovely from up here. I can see the grilling area, the pool, and take a peek to make sure the hot tub is empty before heading down there.
  • One great thing is that being on the top level affords more natural sunlight. In the morning, the sun pours into the bedroom and in the evening the patio gets a little bit. Lower units don’t get any of it. It will be interesting to see how this changes as the seasons change. It would be nice for the sun to come in the living room through the sliding doors.
  • Before, when letting Mosey out was as easy as opening the back door, he understood that the backyard was just one simple obstacle away. Now that going out/downstairs involves more of a trek, he really asks to go out less. Which leads to less “false alarms” and is much less annoying.

Carpet falls into both categories. With our current financial situation (still starting out, I am working part time, not raking in the dough) we can’t afford to splurge on plush rugs yet, so I’m actually not hating having wall-to-wall carpet. It’s comfortable! There, I said it! Yes, it’s a little shabby, and yes, there is the hygiene issue (especially with a pooch, dust and other particles love carpet. So we do make efforts to vacuum regularly), but, the soft padding absorbs sound well and Mosey actually really seems to like it (he rolls around on it and it gives him great traction for running around).

So, while a detached home with a yard is ideal, and a ground-level unit would be nice, so far living up on the third floor is not bad!


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