Today is the day: my 500th post.

I am, at the same time, the kind of person who gets sentimental about milestones, but who also doesn’t really spend a lot of time planning anything in anticipation. So, that’s to say, 500 really snuck up on me. I noticed a few weeks ago that I was getting really close, and after posting my new headboard Friday I saw the magic number… 499. I could have squeaked out something “special” and gotten this post up on Monday (I am trying to commit to a MWF schedule) but my job had inventory scheduled that afternoon/night and I didn’t want to phone something in… I mean, it is milestone after all.

I guess a good thing to to at this point is to look back at some highlights, right?

Entering the Office

My highest-traffic post is (you guessed it) the wood pallet room divider. Man, it was so easy to build and was a really, really good space dividing solution in that gigantic bedroom in the old loft. The divider has been really popular on Pinterest and was even featured in DIY roundups on several other blogs, including one in Turkey and one Brazil. It was linked to on Design Milk’s facebook page with (very!) mixed reactions. I know it’s not for everybody, but it worked really well for us at the time.


My favorite series to date has got to be the posts I wrote when we got back from Europe–Eurotrip part 1, part 2, and part 3. I wish I’d been as methodical, organized, and well-written during my study abroad in Morocco, but I was just taking my bloggy baby steps back then. Looking back, the posts are pretty good, but they could have used more photos!

Let’s see… time to post a few goals for the next 500 posts!

  • Reach 1000 in half the time it took me to reach 500. (It took me three and a half years to reach 500).
  • Double site traffic in 2013 (I have doubled it every year since 2009).
  • Do another giveaway, in 2013. My Scentsy giveaway last summer was so fun :)
  • Do several posts giving a photo tour and profile of local San Diego shops and restaurants.
  • Make the final shift off of wordpress.com so I can have more flexibility and customization of the site.

To all my friends and readers, thanks for your comments and views! It would be much harder to keep up this blog without your encouragement. Nobody likes speaking into a vacuum.

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Staci blogs about travel at TheVoyageer.com and about interiors, life, and thoughts at MyFriendStaci.com.

8 thoughts on “500”

  1. I love your commitment to your blog, Staci. I have LOVED watching My Friend Staci grow. Keep up the good work, I am always so excited to read your ideas/ thoughts/ adventures.

  2. YAY! So happy! You are such a great blogger and I love reading all your posts! They have seriously helped me see my place in a different and creative way! My goal this year for my friend staci is to actually comment on every post I read, cause I seriously read them all the time and never comment!

  3. You are an incredible blogger and I admire you! I hope to be featured in some of your local SD posts as a perk of hanging out with you in those locations ;) proud of you, sissy!

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