Coffee Talk: Pour-Over

There’s a growing trend among craft coffee lovers… the pour-over brew. This small-batch method is great for tastings (or “cuppings”), since it makes a small amount of coffee at a time. Additionally, it lets the drinker tweak and adjust variables like amount of coffee grounds, temperature of water, fineness (or coarseness) of grounds, among others. Great for somebody who is really on the quest for the perfect cup.

Pour-Over Coffee

Using a simple cone funnel and a cone filter, I scooped two tablespoons of coffee into the filter. Below, I’m just pouring water right in, but from what I’ve read now… you are supposed to get the filter wet first to prime it (Do as I say; not as I do). Then, pour hot water (I boiled mine then let it “rest” for a minute or so to cool off a bit) into the grounds. Apparently the velocity and speed of water can even affect the final taste. This is why pour-over enthusiasts prefer the control and precision offered by a goose-neck kettle. I keep things simple around here and just used my normal red kettle. :)

Pour-Over Coffee

The method I used is for a single cup. For groups, the pretty glass Chemex is a great (and visually appealing) option. Coffee made in the chemex can also be reheated!

Pour-Over Coffee

This post wraps up my Coffee Talk trilogy! I hope you learned something or it has encouraged you to try a new coffee-making method. I certainly had (highly caffeinated) fun researching, experimenting, and writing these posts.

As always, if you have any tips or tricks in relation to pour-overs, or coffee in general, feel free to let me know in the comments! 


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3 thoughts on “Coffee Talk: Pour-Over”

  1. Okay, this is awesome because although I’m a huge coffee addict, and French-presser, I didn’t know what “pour over coffee” was. Thanks for clarifying! I’ve seen those Chemex and am now tempted to get one. :)

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