Where Next?

Traveling to Kansas a couple of weeks ago made me realize that aside from trips to Temecula to say overnight at my parents’ house, we really haven’t gone anywhere since we moved here! No wonder I have been feeling so antsy. I need to see a new city!

When we got married we made a plan to visit somewhere cool for each anniversary. Traveling and having new experiences is simply a priority for us! For our first anniversary we visited St. Louis and last year we took an epic Europe vacation!

Where should we go this year? With our anniversary in just a few short weeks, we’re thinking of places to visit that aren’t very far from home, so a quick two or three day trip can be squeezed in.

The Ace Hotel, by Elsie Larson, A Beautiful Mess

First choice is a place that it seems like every blogger has gone to recently–Palm Springs! It seems like the place to be is the Ace Hotel, but that’s much too pricey–right now, anyway–and I found a couple of steals on priceline.com for places just as cool, like The Saguaro, recently documented by Elsie at A Beautiful Mess.

The cabins at Twin Oaks, Big Sur. Photo by Trey Ratcliff, Stuck in Customs

Secondly, last year’s West Elm catalogs and various articles in Sunset make me want to go glamping (glamorous camping) …possibly in a cabin or a yurt at Big Sur? I love the great outdoors–especially forests–but I’ve never been much of a camper… we don’t own a tent and I think we only have one sleeping bag between the two of us, so a luxurious cabin with a real bed seems like my style of camping.

Las Vegas, Wikimedia Commons

Many So Cal people take advantage of our proximity to Las Vegas for a quick getaway–stay somewhere cool, gawk at the interiors of each strip hotel, shop, take in a show–eat sushi unreasonably late, etc. It seems like every time I turn around I hear of someone gearing up for a Vegas weekend or just getting back from one!

Keep Portland Weird, photo by Barry Caruth on flickr

Lastly, it would be really neat to fly up to Portland, if we found a steal of a ticket. With a few friends in/near Portland, we could see friendly faces, check out all the must-see stores and restaurants, and reenact our favorites scenes from Portlandia.

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7 thoughts on “Where Next?”

  1. Well, of course I’m going to vote for Portland! It’d also be an interesting road trip, you know. Especially once you hit Oregon. You can see Crater Lake, and you go past San Francisco (or Sacramento, depending on how you plan your route). It does take two days, though. 9 hours to San Francisco (for instance) and then 9 hours up to Portland from there.

    You could even rent something like an RV to try to double up on the idea of staying in something like a cabin or yurt, and making a bit of a road trip to somewhere. Then it’d be all about the travel, not the destination!

  2. I like the idea of you and Doug driving all over town with the specific intention of reenacting your favorite scenes from Portlandia. Throwing yourselves out of feminist bookstores, pickling everything in sight… do it.

      1. Just have to say, that is only mildly exaggerated! Breakfast and brunch are a HUGE deal here, haha!

  3. We took two trips for our 1 year anniversary: Vegas and Sonoma Valley. Wine country is SO gorgeous and it was super relaxing. Vegas was a ton of fun! It just depends on what you are in the mood for. I also love Palm Springs and have been dying to go recently. Plus, with Palm Springs you can also do Joshua Tree.

    Our wedding anniversary is in a few weeks as well! Let us all know where you guys decide to go :)

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