More Thoughts on Moving (Gripe List Edition)

As I mentioned the other day, as September approaches I’m getting antsy about the prospect of possibly moving to a new place. Spending an extended amount of time at a few of our friends’ really nice places this weekend has only compounded my desire to pack up for greener pastures! Taking into account the rager that kept me up until 4:00 Sunday morning, let’s just say that most of my thoughts this weekend have had to do with the possibility of a new place.

Time for the gripe list. If for no other reason, I’m doing this for me–so I can see it all written down in one spot. Maybe rereading it in a few weeks will tip the scales one way or another?

  • First and foremost, if nothing is done about the noisy parties, we are so out of here. It’s kinda a dealbreaker at this point. Repeated complaints from a lot of tenants have done nothing, but rumor has it “something” will be done today.
  • The paint. I don’t mind that everything is painted white, white, white. I have nothing against white paint–in fact I like the idea of a blank canvas. However, I don’t know what kind of paint they used but on frequently used or brushed-up-against places, it flakes off and leaves little white pieces all over the floor–especially the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. This is so aggravating! It looks really shabby and we’ve only been here a little over eight months.
  • The neighborhood. Not only was Doug’s bike stolen, but his truck was vandalized and the object of an attempted break-in. It got to the point that selling it became an attractive option. I don’t know why it was targeted, and it still makes my blood boil since I know it was special to him. Thankfully my dad generously gifted us a 12 year old vehicle that does not draw attention to itself and has been unscathed so far (knock on wood).
  • Wonky layout. The long and lean apartment makes it so awkward to space plan. I’ve been challenging myself to be creative but I think I’m just the kind of person who likes walls, and doors, and real divisions between rooms. At least now I know I wouldn’t do well in an urban loft type of place!

Renters, what would you do? Is it worth the hassle? Getting a new place is tempting but the physical act of moving is the worst! Weigh in! 

If you didn’t read the whole gripe list, I am not offended! If you did, please know that despite my renter’s remorse about our current place, things overall are on the up and up and I’m not letting this drag down my mood or anything. Overall these are happy days! I’m happy to be living in America’s Finest City and enjoying life!


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5 thoughts on “More Thoughts on Moving (Gripe List Edition)”

  1. How frustrating! Regardless of white walls and a wonky layout, you’ve created such a beautiful space. But if it were me…I’d probably move. Paying rent is a lot of money – you should be in a place where you can sleep at night at the very least! It’d be a few weeks of painful packing, moving, unpacking for a whole lot of nights good sleep.

  2. Here’s when you can tell you’ve hit the “dealbreaker” for real: when you come home and every day you just think, “man, I don’t want to be here. I hate this place.” It is time to leave, regardless of hassle and moving expenses. Thinking those kinds of thoughts really creates a lot of negativity in your life, and when you have the option of fixing it, it’s best to take it. But, if you find yourself going back and forth between loving and hating the place, that’s a different story.

    I honestly think you should start scoping things out on the interweb to get some options in mind, real options with real price tags. Maybe take a few tours of different places. Starting now and doing it gradually will help with the timing of it all, and will give you an idea about how much you can really expect things to change with a new venue (the parties, for instance, and the break-ins may just not be fixable with a move within your price point).

    1. Luckily, I haven’t had those thoughts of dread upon coming home. Vacillating is an annoying place to be in, but not the worst situation. I have been stalking CL for apartments but most of the available units are for July right now. I’m hoping for serindipity–the right place, for the right price, at the right time. Additionally, I’m on a waiting list for a place 100 sq feet smaller but in a more desirable location.

      1. Sometimes 100sq ft less doesn’t mean having less space. Our other apartment was only 120sq ft less than what we have now, and you wouldn’t believe it to see the difference. We have a second bedroom and a second bathroom, and a nice large feeling living room. We didn’t gain a whole lot on paper, but the in person difference is HUGE. A poorly designed layout can be the worst thing about an apartment.

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