Okay, Long Enough


I’m back. Not posting since October is pretty much unbelievable. If you were to tell me I’d go this long without updating I’d say you were crazy, but here we are.

This fall and winter there has been so much blogging about blogging. The state of blogging, what things used to be like, and where blogs are going in the future. Taking a break from writing has actually been really nice for me. Do I want my blog to be my “brand” and treat it like a part time job (that I make no money from)? Or, do I want to blog the way I did when I started out, to show friends (and now strangers) how things are shaping up around my home, and random things I like, and pretty pictures of the places I go?

Since I took a break from writing in the ole blog but didn’t take a break from reading blogs, noting what works for some bloggers and what works for other bloggers, I’m confident that I want to do the second option from above. Post about what’s meaningful to me, not what I think people want to read or what I can conveniently sneak onto my Pinterest boards in hopes it will get popular. (Although, I probably will still sneak things onto my Pinterest boards).

That said, believe it or not I actually have a handful of posts half-written that will be hauled out and dusted off, and photos to work on. So expect more from me soon!


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Staci blogs about travel at TheVoyageer.com.

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