Book Club announcement and April selection


As I wrote about a month or so ago, I’m trying to make reading a bigger part of my life this year. I’ve arranged my unread library and am almost done with two of those books, so I’m feeling accomplished about that! My friend Libby at XOXO, Lib reached out to me about starting a virtual book club and I was totally down. Although the book we’re going to read wasn’t already part of my to-be-read pile, I’m eager to get on it and the ticking clock is going to help me make it a priority!

Her Fearful SymmetryShe’s selected the first book, Her Fearful Symmetry, which I actually had not heard of until it came up in our conversation. When I found out with was written by the same author as The Time Traveler’s Wife I was sold; I really liked that when I read it a few years ago. Reading the synopsis, I got excited. I like the way TTTW wove supernatural factors into a normal universe (as opposed to a fantasy or sci-fi universe) so I think this one’s going to be really good.

Please, join in! At the end of the month Libby will be writing a response to the book, as will I. If you’d like to write about it publicly, I’ll link to your blog post. If you don’t have a blog but want to start one, that would be awesome! If you’d like to write a review on GoodReads I can link to that, or if you’d simply like to have a conversation in the comments, I’ll really look forward to doing that too.


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