“Little Fires Everywhere” book response and February selection!

January’s book club read was Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng, a book that was included on so many “best of 21017” lists at the end of the year, and after reading, I totally get it.

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I have a lot of feeeeeelings about this book as almost everyone who’s read it does. It has so much buzz right now. Luckily, I got most of my “!!!!” feelings out on Tuesday during book club so I can write a spoiler-free review.

That also means the review will be pretty short.

Brief synopsis:

I feel OK starting this section out the way the book started: at the end. We open on a family house burning down and get to glimpse the reactions of each family member as it happens. This is our first peek into the lives of the Richardsons (2 parents, 4 kids), the Warrens (mother and daughter), and their relationships to each other.

From there, the novel backtracks to the beginning of the Richardson-Warren relationship, when the Warrens move into a rental duplex owned by the former, in Shaker Heights, Ohio. If you like complex and dynamic interpersonal relationships that change over time, you’ll like this book. If you like stories that aren’t a mystery but are a bit mysterious with bits and pieces being revealed slowly, you’ll really like this book.


I liked the way that we glimpsed more and more from each character as the story progressed. I also liked the omniscient point of view – being able to access the thoughts, feelings, and background of each character added a lot of depth instead of just moving through the plot from the POV of one or two characters.

A couple of the main plot points don’t have right or wrong answers, which is why I think everyone is buzzing about this and why we had so many new participants in our book club this month. YES!

From the author herself: An interview with salon.com

This is one of those books that sticks with the reader long after finishing. Things on the news or in the lives of your friends and family will make you recall moments in the book that were complex and nuanced just like things are in real life.

As always, leave your comments below or link me to your review if you’ve already posted it on Goodreads or Amazon! I would love to read your take! 

Our Virtual Book Club normally meets the last Tuesday of the month over on Facebook. This week, since Libby was visiting, we did a facebook live for the first time! It was tons of fun but I personally prefer our normal online chat group. We are always looking to grow our group. If you’d like to join us over there, message me on Facebook to be added.

For February (Black History Month), the group voted to read Hidden Figures. The movie really moved me (I cried multiple times and I am not a crier) and I am looking forward to getting more details by reading the book.

Please join along as we continue reading interesting books and debating ideas in a friendly space.


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