Day Trips are Still Trips

Yesterday I went to the LA area with my sister and visited a bunch of old friends. It occurred to me that this is the kind of thing I do frequently, yet there are people out there who only dream of visiting “glamorous” LA or Beverly Hills. Sure, parts of it are glamorous, even for a So Cal native like myself, but parts are pretty average, or even run-down. Its not all like you see in the movies! Also, it takes forever to get from place to place. Lots of driving! Not like Europe at all–America is so spread-out!

I did not take this photo.
I did not take this photo.

I love visiting other parts of America and seeing the subtle differences from state to state. For example, I always forget (until I visit) how important and influential the Jewish community is to Beverly Hills. I mean, even the sushi and gelato places we visited had rabbinical (I am pretty sure that’s the right word) certifications!

Speaking of seeing the good old US of A, the family and I are headed to Colorado tomorrow for about a week! We are going to see the Four Corners this weekend and probably spend a few nights in Arizona. I’m excited about returning to the wild west stompin’ grounds of my youth! Time to pack my birkenstocks and granola bars! No, but really, I will be bringing three or four books, my trusty camera (finally emptied of my Morocco pictures and ready to be refilled with gorgeous scenery) and lots of sunscreen!