Christmas-centric China

In all my days, it never occurred to me that I would want a special china set to use during the holiday season.

UNTIL, I saw this one at Dillard’s last weekend.
I can’t stop thinking about it!!

Click to be taken to the set

Although the song that inspired this set is one of the most annoying Christmas songs of all time, THIS SET achieves the impossible task of being elegant and whimsical at the same time! I absolutely adore it!

Evidently it is a Dillard’s exclusive. Will this be available next year or is it a now-or-never deal? Wonder if the price will drop on Dec. 26th??? Anybody know the answers to these questions? If I called Dillard’s, would they know? (None of these questions are rhetorical. Answers/opinions appreciated).


A Pretty Table

I’m a clutter-er. I have to carve out specific spots in my life where I can just “dump” things because I am not neurotic enough to put everything in its place, all the time, (not everything has a place!! can’t people realize this!?)

Enough of that tangent. I found a good way to keep myself from cluttering my now-unused dining room table (we’ve got to finish refinishing the chairs before we can really use it) is to keep it set–all the time. Now, the jury’s divided on this. Some bloggers think it’s creepy keeping the table set at all times–I think I read someone compare it to a “dinner party for ghosts.”

I love the idea of a full table and I think Queen Martha might like it too. When you’re ready to eat, just wipe out the dishes with a damp paper towel (in case there’s any dust–you would do this anyway if they were in a cabinet for a long time) and the table’s all ready to go!

Plus, and this is part of the appeal for me, I get to show off my fancy new wedding stuff. But I’m such a fan of repetition of shapes that the plates, etc could be cheap-o or disposable, and I would still think it looked good.

Do you think setting a table for nobody is creepy or smart? Please comment!