Backyard Dreaming

Today I stumbled upon this while checking out my blog subscriptions on Google Reader (which I love, by the way, and this is a total plug to start using it and make sure to subscribe to MFS on it).


Click on the image above to get to the flickr stream for They have way more cool stuff!

Usually when I scroll through my feeds, especially if it’s from tumblr or apartment therapy, there are just so many photos I glance at each one and appreciate the room/nook/space featured in each… but this one just grabbed me and I stared at it for a while.

How incredible would it be to have something like this installed in the backyard?

What I have pictured is a small bungalow home with a fairly decent sized backyard. The back door opens onto a brick patio, at one end a camper like this is parked. The other part of the yard is a small grass area. Especially if the house is small, this could essentially function as another room in good weather. I can picture myself reading, snacking, and inevitably napping in there with the door and windows open.

Sadly, nothing cool is coming up today on ebay in this area. A girl will have to keep dreaming….


Christmas-centric China

In all my days, it never occurred to me that I would want a special china set to use during the holiday season.

UNTIL, I saw this one at Dillard’s last weekend.
I can’t stop thinking about it!!

Click to be taken to the set

Although the song that inspired this set is one of the most annoying Christmas songs of all time, THIS SET achieves the impossible task of being elegant and whimsical at the same time! I absolutely adore it!

Evidently it is a Dillard’s exclusive. Will this be available next year or is it a now-or-never deal?¬†Wonder if the price will drop on Dec. 26th??? Anybody know the answers to these questions? If I called Dillard’s, would they know? (None of these questions are rhetorical. Answers/opinions appreciated).