Disappointed In: Towels

I always write “show and tell” posts about what I got at the thrift store recently and whatnot, but I thought I’d start a series. I’m not saying this whole week will be “Disappointed In” posts, just, whenever I write one I’ll tag it the same way, that way you can see all my bad purchases >:o

Actually, this inaugural Disappointed In post isn’t something I bought myself, which takes the sting off a little bit, but it is something I picked out (it was on my wedding registry) so, the fact that someone else spent money on something that hasn’t held up is still a bummer. Plus, if the whole batch was like this, hundreds of people probably got some bum product.

This towel is from Target’s “Home” collection circa May 2010. As you can see, the hem totally failed. And I think two out of four of our towels did this, but this is the worst one. ┬áThing is, before you say “You’ve had it almost a year!” I didn’t use them until July and this happened after two or three washings. Sad face.

My Kohl’s “Sonoma Lifestyle” towels, however, I got in 2007 are still goin’ strong. Still plush and absorbent, and the color hasn’t faded or anything. It’s that’s definitely the brand I’m going to stick with from now on.

On a happier note, we’re doing a little hallway bonding activity.

Here are our brackets, along with Adam (#1 commenter here on MFS) and our neighbor to the west (his wife didn’t fill one out). There’s a new guy moving in across the hallway soon and we’ll give him one as a welcoming present. These are taped in the hallway and Doug’s pumped about meticulously tracking the winners and losers of every game. I am the only one here who didn’t pick KU to go all the way. Gotta stand out, right?

Got any bum products you’re disappointed in? If you email me a pic or two, you could star in a guest blog!

Who’s gonna win the College Basketball championship?