Coffee Maker

It seems like everyone I talk to is obsessed with French Press coffee. Like, OBSESSED. And to put it frankly, it’s very annoying. That said, I would like to try something other than my trusty 4-cup Mr Coffee my dad gave me in ’07. Although I try to clean it regularly, it’s getting a little… musty?

Even though I’m not keen on French Press, this guy would look good in my kitchen. I have a coffee carafe this color and the dog dishes we just got are this color… (no dog yet, I don’t wanna talk about it…)

THIS is what I want to make espresso at home. Same price as a French Press and reminds me of mornings at Angela’s house. Gonna save my pennies!


Is my Kitchen Parisian?

This article about Parisian kitchens from encouraged me that my tiny, difficult to navigate, crammed-full kitchen is really just fine… If it’s good enough for the French (masters of cooking) then it’s good enough for me! I especially like the part about the small refrigerators. Not having room for produce means buying more often–that’s very healthy! I suppose we go grocery shopping more than the average couple…

In fact, this just means I need to get the dining room redo finished faster so I can throw a fabulous dinner party!

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Easiest DIY to Date

Yesterday I took you all through a tour of my teeny tiny kitchen. This is much easier to do virtually than in real life, because in reality the kitchen can only house 2-4 people comfortably.

Now I’ll let you glimpse my 27 inch stove and the easiest DIY I’ve done in the apartment so far.

Nice shot from a fancy crouching down angle.

The pots are hanging above the stove because they look cool and, really, where else would I put them? There really isn’t another place for them.

Luckily for me, the “hood” over the stove (which provides no air flow whatsoever and is strictly for looks) has a lip big enough for the dowels to rest on. Before I got the dowels, everything was hooked onto the lip so I knew it would be strong enough to hold all the pots.

The DIY involved me measuring the space above the lip, going to Lowe’s, buying some dowels and having the nice guys at Lowe’s cut them to size for me. Earth-shattering.

So, there you have it, a super-easy solution that in my opinion looks cool and brings all these important things within arm’s reach when I’m cooking :)