An Ode to In-Flight Magazines

If there’s one thing I like to do on the plane, it’s read a magazine. Usually it’s too bumpy or my neighbors are too irritating to dive into a lengthy classic novel, but the bite-size length of most magazine articles are just what I need to make the trip fly (yeah, I went there).

Yesterday, I had planned on playing iPhone games for the majority of my travel time, however, bubble mania one addictive game in particular apparently required that I be online to play? Wha? So I turned to the airline-provided magazine and was pleasantly surprised. Actually, whenever I fly American, I read most of their mag but I was pleased to find that United’s publication, Hemispheres, was just as good, if not better.

I read a light piece on road tripping, learned the must-dos if I ever find myself in Seattle, and more.


The layout was especially fresh and pleasing. So, I came to a conclusion and decided to write a post about it: Airline magazines are super underrated! I mean, travel is an interest of mine, so naturally I’m drawn to most of the topics at hand. But unlike Condé Nast Traveler, for example, I can actually see myself seeing and doing the things included in these articles, not just fantasizing about it. Next time you’re flying, burn through one of these before reaching for the one you bought at the travel shop before boarding.

My all-time favorite regular mags are Sunset and Southern Living. What are yours?