My Stressful Project

Warning: In this post I sound like one of those annoying new parents who talk about nothing but their child’s bathroom habits–a pet peeve of mine. But I could really use some advice from veteran dog owners, if you’re reading. 

It has been very depressing to see my daily blog views go from approximately 100 per day to less than 20 per day, but I know it’s because I haven’t been posting much of interest. It’s because my current, very stressful project is trying to meet the puppy’s needs while at the same time keeping my regular schedule (work). This is proving more difficult than previously thought. My plan for this morning was to feed him at 8 and then take him for a walk until 8:30 or 8:45 so he can do his “business” and to wear him out a little so he can go in his crate… And I’ll make it to work by 9. Well, needless to say, I am currently not on a walk and he’s curled up sleeping beside me on the couch. He’s cutest (and most well behaved) when he’s sleeping. I took him out right when I got him up but he was too cold to do anything but shiver and look at me like, “can we go inside yet?”

I still intend on making to work by 9 but am now getting stressed out about whether he’ll “go” outside before I have to go to work. He made it a whole week perfectly potty trained but had two accidents this weekend alone! Now I’ve put his food out but he’s too sleepy to eat. I knew we’d been having it too easy. Oh–and for those of you asking why last week was so different–he was being puppysat by my sister who was in town for a cold and dreary Kansas spring break.

Any tips on how I should plan & execute my morning schedule to the benefit of me and my pup? Do I need to get up earlier? Get the dog up earlier? How do I keep him from going back to sleep (I’d prefer him to nap in his crate while I’m gone, instead of beside me before work).

New Family Member!

FINALLY, after a long and drawn out process, our pup has moved in! We finally got to bring him home last Saturday. His name is Mosey; he’s an eight-month old Italian Greyhound. We’ve been taking him for tons of walks and he’s been getting to know our apartment and I think he feels at home!

Here’s Mosey with his favorite toy, the red dog. Now I can join the league of apartment bloggers who have dogs that peek into the shots of their home. Score!

The icing on the cake is that my sister is coming to visit tonight, she’ll be staying until Saturday!