What a weekend.

We have over 90% of our earthly belongings in the new house. By the end of the week the apartment should be empty and clean, with the keys turned in and change-of-address filed with the USPS. I haven’t really been sad about the whole thing, but writing those words really did kind of feel shocking. I did have my moment of bittersweet-ness when we “undecorated” the kitchen, leaving it looking so bare and nondescript.

Depending on this evening, you may get a post with pictures but you may not. We’ll see. Should have internet in the new house on Wednesday and the blogging schedule will return to normal! That is, if “normal” ever existed… I am slowly but surely going to get this blog-work balance figured out. I need to get into my old habit of writing posts at night (for publication the next day) instead of trying to cram a quick post in during my lunch break.