Time Crunch

I feel like lately my life is rush, rush, rush! This weekend will be no different. Of course, it’s a self-created problem because there is TOO MUCH I want to do and so little time!

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Dinner with a few friends at Bruno’s
Take Mosey for a walk (gotta burn off those pizza calories)
Begin packing (that’s right, I haven’t started yet!)

Make a dish to take to the design swap (see below)
Garage sale-ing
Jeans shopping (the WORST!) with my ever-patient hubby
“Design Swap” night at a friend’s… this should be fun!

Church in the morning
Take a breather! Whew!
Keep packing!

Yep, I work Monday and Tuesday, (even though we leave Wednesday morning at an hour so early I’m in denial). Which means that my packing must be more or less done by the end of the weekend! Eeek! Just have to keep reminding myself… deep breaths… it will all be worth it when we arrive…

 Brugge // Chris Milliman

If I seem like a crazy person lately, it’s probably because I am!