The Ace Hotel Palm Springs

Not terribly long after The Bucket List came out, I learned of The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Until this point I didn’t know there was anything cool in Palm Springs, and I had certainly never heard of a young person spending any time there. After looking into it, staying at The Ace was now on my newly-forming “bucket list.” Fast forward what, like 5+ years? Thanks to a coupon code, we made it happen for July 2015.

Ace Palm Springs

There are people out there who don’t understand staying in cool/nice hotels “just ’cause” when they could book a Super 8 for half the price. I don’t think that type of person has ever laid poolside at The Ace for two days with zero responsibilities and no itinerary. I really do like doing things on vacation (gimme the Freedom Trail in Boston or the whole slew of Smithsonian museums in DC any day), but after a very crazy spring semester at work and action-packed summer (so many weekend trips!) it was nice to have a little getaway and no obligations.

A few years ago we got a good online rate for The Saguaro which we really liked, and I was curious to see what The Ace would be like since those two are the most popular “hipster” hotels in Palm Springs. We really liked The Ace in Portland so my expectations were pretty high.

Ace Palm Springs

Ace Palm Springs

Luckily, my expectations were met, nay, exceeded. The bed? comfortable. The room, a welcome cool retreat from the unrelenting July-in-Palm-Springs heat. Next let’s talk amenities. Not that we cracked into anything on the minibar (something like $5 for a bag of chips? $8 for water? and up & up & up), I like a place that gives you quality options. Also, the hooded caftan-style robes provided were the most addicting things to wear ever and had me contemplating buying one, but alas, they cost almost the price of the room. There was also a record player on the bedside table with a pretty robust little speaker system and records to play! I planned ahead and brought along some favorite LPs as well.

The room’s interior was so inspiring! I liked the industrial-chic glossy sealed concrete floor, and the wood & white color combinations. Someday we’d like to get a little bit more in-depth with redoing the inside of our condo and I definitely want to draw a lot of inspiration from The Ace’s clean and crisp vibe (including the Portland Ace, too).

Ace Palm Springs

Ace Palm Springs

We had originally planned on bringing Mosey along, so we got one of the dog-friendly rooms with a patio and fireplace. After looking at the forecast for that weekend, (highs in the 110s!), we left him at my parents’ house. Even sans pooch it was nice to have the large patio with locking gate. The afternoon we arrived with our friends, we shared lunch that we’d brought in a cooler (a really great way to save money). We could hang up our swimsuits and towels to dry– almost instantly in that heat! The fireplace was easy to operate, a simple light switch, but not needed. If staying at The Ace in the fall or winter, I think the fireplace in the evening would be very nice indeed.

Ace Palm Springs

Ace Palm Springs

The pools: When we arrived Sunday afternoon, the main pool was packed and loud. The house DJ had things bumping. Locals can buy a pool day pass so it’s kind of a place to see and be seen, I think. There were no available chairs so we went to the other, smaller pool where it was nice and quiet. They have these awesome, huge, circular padded poofs and my pals and I were able to snag one. The next day, Monday, the large pool was much quieter and the music they played was perfect for lazing in a pool chair, snoozing in that gray area between awake and asleep. And getting a killer sunburn (ouch).

Ace Palm Springs

Ace Palm Springs

The cool sunshades are what you’ll see a gazillion instagrams of… I wasn’t sure how they’d compare to a standard umbrella but let me tell you… game changer!! You can pivot them in any direction for ultimate sun blockage! Solid endorsement from me. Now I want one for my condo patio… The chairs are really cool, too. Not sure if you can see in the photo, but the backrest part of each chair had its own little canvas tent piece for ultimate sun protection.

Ace Palm Springs

Well, 700+ words later I guess you could say I enjoyed myself! I didn’t even get to touch on the brunch at King’s Highway, the on-site restaurant. Anyway, what a nice getaway not too far from home. Definitely more expensive than The Saguaro but if you can get a coupon, or if it’s a special occasion, I say The Ace is hard to beat!


Goodbye, Summer

Alas, yesterday was my birthday, and the first day of fall, which usually coincide. I’ve been drinking pumpkin spice lattes all September but now it’s official–summer has gone. I’ll pause to let you wipe away a tear.

We recently took Mosey to the dog beach for a few glamour shots to submit to an Italian greyhound-themed 2014 calendar (I think it will be sold as a fundraiser) and thought I’d share some favorites here. Of course, this won’t be our last trip to Dog Beach this year, as the weather will probably stay pretty good for a while (although it is getting chillier) but celebrating our time at the beach seemed like a fitting way to send off my favorite season.







Goodbye, Summer! We’ll see you next year.

What’s in Your Beach Bag?

Beach Bag

  • Before you pull all your gear together, you have to start out with the bag. This one is amazing. Of course, you could use a backpack or one of those reusable grocery bags too, if you wanted to save a few bucks.
  • For some people, getting a new swimsuit and towel every spring is like a ritual. “Now I’m ready for summer,” the act says. I haven’t gotten a new beach towel since 2005 (I loooove the one I have) but I did get a new swimsuit this year, after the elastic finally went out on my old one. Yikes. Long story short–if I was getting a towel this year, I would get this one!
  • Sunscreen. I hate, hate, hate it! I dislike sunburns more, though. This stuff should get the job done without causing massive break-outs. I really do prefer the kind you rub in to the kind you spray on–it’s more effective and you’re able to make sure you didn’t miss a spot. Plus, you can ask someone cute to help you apply it ;)
  • Some people can really pull off the big floppy hat. I certainly can’t. If you know how to rock it without looking like a fool, I would like some tips. Anyway, it’s a super way to keep the sun off your face and shoulders. (Photo found here.)
  • Magazines–my current favorites are Bon Appetit and Sunset. Another fave that I used to read more while living in Kansas was Southern Living. The mix of food, travel, and interiors in those regional mags just does it for me!
  • Water. Yes! Make sure to stay hydrated. All that sun and salt water will leave you pretty crispy unless you drink tons of water. I like this kind of water bottle, with a straw.
  • Games. You could bring something as simple as a football or soccer ball. Group games like horseshoes are also really popular!
  • Snacks. My current guilty pleasures are these Terra vegetable chips. I can’t buy them because it’s too risky–I just might eat the whole bag in one sitting; and they aren’t exactly cheap!

“HOLD UP,” I hear you saying, “I don’t live near the beach.” Relax! Use this list as a jumping-off point for any outdoor activity, like a picnic at the park, non-strenuous hike, or something like that. Sub a lightweight blanket or tablecloth for the towel and you’re in business!!