Beat the Heat

No, I’m not talking about the NBA… which I could care less about, although all of my cousins in Oklahoma were all hyped up on the Thunder. Sports… yay, right? 

Anyway, I’m still going through our vacation photos. I should be in a place where I can get a post ready for tomorrow about the first part of our trip (I’m going to break it into three posts). Today I’m just going to reflect on how HOT it is compared to last week in Europe! Last week we were relaxing in the nice-if-a-little-chilly low 70s. Fast forward to Kansas in late June and we are anticipating a week of 100+ degree temps. Don’t just take my word for it:

Growing up in California I am no stranger to heat. I am a stranger to the humidity, however, and it makes it all the more oppressive. Now, those of you in the legit South, I do not envy you as your humidity is WAY worse than what we’re experiencing here.

Anyway: here are my tips on beating the heat:

  • Go to work. Let them pay for the air conditioning.
  • Go to the mall/library/coffee shop/etc. See above.
  • At home, keep all blinds/shutters/curtains closed. While I get depressed living in a dark home, this is my #1 way to keep AC costs down. Keep the hot sun out!
  • Ceiling fans. I know HGTV wants you to banish them all to a corner of hell, they are useful for circulating the air and actually keeping the room cool. Imagine that. Also, before turning it on for the first time this season (who am I kidding, mine have been going for months) use this handy tip which is actually very easy and prevents sneeze attacks!
  • Cold beverages!
  • Limited clothing!  Okay, so I won’t be wearing my bikini around the house (mostly because I don’t have one). But tank tops and gym shorts are star players here.
  • Make friends with someone who has a pool. We recently have done this…. :D

Contemplating the “keep the curtains closed” tip, I have one window that for whatever reason gets WAY hotter than the rest. Contemplating getting a thicker blackout curtain for just the one. Wish I’d thought of if last Friday when they were on sale at Target….

Got any tips to add? I would add “hang out in the basement” if mine were finished, but alas, it still gives me me major heebie jeebies.