Here Comes the Sun

After four days of constant rain here in central Kansas, it is so good to see the sun again.

Spring truly is HERE! Many of the bare trees are springing forth with white or purple flowers and green leaves. Let me tell you. All the dead brown grass and bare trees and cold weather made me an unhappy girl indeed. Now that GREEN is appearing everywhere I look, I feel as if my heart is coming back to life as well.

On Sunday, before the rain rolled in, we planted some seeds in the flowerbed that runs along the front of the house. I am by no means a gardener. So this is really a toss-up to see if anything will spring up. Since the front yard is very sunny most of the day, We planted california poppies, zinnias, and something else that I can’t remember. I know with the zinnias and the unremembered plant, we probably won’t see a ton of action this year–they should grow into bushes several feet high eventually, but I don’t expect much from them this summer. Can’t wait to see the poppies though! Let’s hope that this weekend is hot enough to get ’em sprouting up! Speaking of this weekend, after the rain and a slow work week, I am ready to get out and about and get stuff done! And by “stuff” I mean…

  • Buy a new pair of sandals
  • Attend an abolitionist meeting at church (learn more)
  • Grill out with our former neighbors
  • Go out to eat with the hubbins
  • Play with Mosey in the yard (he can actually catch a frisbee!)
  • Watch the dandelions spring up in the yard
  • Do absolutely nothing about said dandelions ;)


If you live in Kansas, Snow is the topic of the day. Last night, around halfway through an episode of White Collar on Netflix, it began to snow, big heavy flakes. It had been raining ALL DAY and frankly I was more worried about ice than excited about snow.

It’s hard to believe that Saturday we were taking an afternoon walk in the sun with light hoodies:

And now I’m bundled up wondering just how much we will get when all is said and done.

What really gets me is that yesterday everyone was panicking about blizzard conditions, school snow days, cancelled events, and such, and as you can see above… it’s really not a lot. From what I hear, people here in town love to make a big deal out of things, and this is par for the course. My friend who works at Wal-Mart tells me that every time snow is in the forecast, the masses come out to stockpile their pantries, shopping like it’s the end of the world. Like snow is going to bury their entire house and they won’t be able to come out until April. I’m not even a Kansan, I’m a Californian, and I am acknowledging while pretty, it’s nothing to really get worked up about. Unless it snows for days and days on end like it did this spring–that was a real blizzard condition.

All that said, I’m glad my sister, who flies in Saturday, will get to have a white Christmas–possibly for the first time since we moved to California from Colorado? Correct me if I’m wrong, Steph! I can’t wait for her to come!!

Also, the first half of our Christmas cards just went out (I brought them to work for the mailman to pick up). I hope when they arrive at their destinations, they aren’t soggy!