Colorful Stripes!

I have felt really antsy lately with the decor choices in the bedroom. When we moved in, we plunked down the black dresser and bedside tables, then hung brown curtains to add some warmth to the white box with black accents. Our DIYed plywood headboard helps add texture, color, and interest. Here’s a pretty old photo. The Christmas lights no longer hang there although I still battle poor lighting in this room, and am stumped about what to hang over the headboard.

DIY Plywood Headboard

Truth is, the bedroom does get the best light in the whole apartment.

I brought out the gray pebble coverlet (Target) from storage and layered it over our blue and white duvet (West Elm). We have been using the duvet empty since our insert is way too warm for our CA weather; even in the winter, however it was much too thin now that it gets into the 50’s at night.

Last Sunday I got a chance to shop at the famous Rose Bowl flea market! We went with hopes of finding some patio chairs (more on that in another post) but overall tried to shop with no expectations. At a flea market, the right items seem to find you. After shopping for a few hours and coming up mostly empty handed, I found a wool Hudson Bay style blanket, with three stripes (red, yellow, and gray). I was excited to see it but disappointed that it didn’t have the punch of green–my favorite color in these blankets. We passed on it but not long after, found a booth that had three Hudson Bay style blankets!!

Since I had three to choose from, I went for the blanket with the most vibrant colors, that was also in good condition (as opposed to choosing by size). It was mine!!

Point Blanket

point blanket label

The label is Witney, a competitor of Hudson Bay. Even though it’s not the “right” brand, I’m very happy with my find.

I removed the blue and white duvet altogether and placed the wool blanket at the end of the bed. I love the perk it brings to the room!

Point Blanket

Point Blanket

My next design dilemma: finding lamp shades for those awesome brass lamps from my mom and dad. Why are shades so expensive!?

Winter, I’m ready for ya!

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My Wintry Project

Today I got home from work at 3. I sat down at the computer to relax at 4.

What was I doing during my traditional post-work laze around hour??

Well, I dug my car out of the snow behind my apartment. With a broom. ¬†Actually, what you see in the “after” picture is after a kind bystander “plowed” around the perimeter of the car with a snow shovel. But everything else was me. I asked if he thought I could back out (me being clueless about these things), and he said it should be “no problem.”

However, there was a problem. I backed out all the way into the alley and became stuck. Spanning the alley. Enter Good Samaritan #2, a man from the post office. He shoveled a little more around the wheels and helped me rock the car out until I could drive out of the alley. Which I’m NOT entering again until the snow is under 5 inches.

Did I mention the “E” light was on the whole time? I thought “great, I’m stuck in the alley, obstructing traffic, and I’m going to run out of gas right here.” Well, I made it to the gas station. And made it back home a little after 4 (I parked like a block away in a cleared parking lot).

Phew. What a cold job. I need to buy a snow shovel if I’m in Kansas next winter.