Just One, Please

So today I was buying some minutes for my phone, which was a supremely awkward mix of French, English, and Arabic (which I had no idea what was going on) at this little store near my school. As I was trying to communicate with one of they guys working there, some young-ish person strolled by, caught the eye of the othey guy working there, and bought one cigarette. Yeah, just one. He lit it and continued to the corner where he was waiting to cross traffic.

The fact that here you can just buy one, unwrapped and inidentified, struck us as hilarious. Brynn and Pete tried to convey this to him, but we think he thought that Pete was trying to buy it from him. Haha–just kind of adds to the funny. Finally, Brynn said something in Arabic that was pretty “In America it is not possible to buy just one. I like this very much.” The other funny part of this is that when Brynn tries to tell us what she had said in Arabic (on this and other occasions) she slips into a wacky “Borat”-esque voice, even though we’re all Americans I guess she feels like it helps her convey her halting, stammering incorrect speech? Either way we always get a kick out of Borat Brynn.


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