Soup on the Brain

After reading this article, I want to begin avoiding food that comes in cans! Now I am glad I registered for that crock-pot at Target, because soups don’t seem to be that difficult to make–start it in the morning and have it that night, or make a ton and freeze it… this is totally doable!

I have no idea why I have soup on the brain so much right now. I really really want some french onion, complete with the cheesy bread on top, but as I’m at school with no resources I think i’ll go down to Fresh and Easy and get some instant miso. Yayyyy sodium!

Soups to learn to make:
Minestrone (Actually, I’ve got this one covered.)
French onion
Chicken and rice
Black bean and lime (like at the Main St Deli in Mcpherson!)
Broccoli and cheese
Butternut squash (a challenge?)


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