Snow Day!

Apparently adults DO get snow days! Yesterday, after my grumpy truck post, I got a call from work telling me not to come in. Our lunch party had cancelled and nobody was expected to go out into the nasty weather (5 degrees Fahrenheit and nasty, strong winds). So I enjoyed an unexpected day at home! You know how you have those things you should do, but never get around to? I did some of those things!!

With this unexpected free time I:

  • Did 2 loads of laundry (all caught up!)
  • Played CityVille on Facebook (guilty pleasure/obsession)
  • Thoroughly cleaned the dining room (okay, thorough is a relative term)
  • Thoroughly cleaned the bedroom (this one is true)
  • Spilled chicken noodle soup all over the kitchen (how do they allow me to work at a restauraunt?) and subsequently
  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Transferred my makeup to a new makeup bag
  • Cleaned my makeup brushes
  • Repainted the nasty inside of a kitchen cabinet (photos sometime)

All of this [more or less] by the time I would have been coming home from work.

After all of that, I rearranged the room as you saw yesterday. I’m pretty sure that this is more than I accomplish in most weeks.


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