Sneak Peek Pup

Soon we’ll be getting a furry little friend!

Due to the Middle of the Map music festival we’re attending in KC next weekend, we’re holding off on taking him in until after it’s over (don’t want to leave the little guy for a weekend just mere days after getting him).

Nevertheless, Friday we went to the dog park in the next town over and played with this little guy for an hour and a half, and learned volumes from the people taking care of him right now. The next day we had our home visit by his temporary foster parent and we got the stamp of approval so we’re just waiting to hear back from the Italian Greyhound Rescue rep for how the rest of the adoption’s going to go down.

In the spirit of sneak peeks, here’s a blurry, artsy partial shot of our little guy.

Full disclosure: he was just squirmy and weaseled his way out of the picture.

I’ll give you a full-blown update once the deal is done!


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