Filling the Blank Frame

As you know a month or so ago I filled up my huge, sad, blank wall in the dining room with a simple gallery-style placement of paintings and posters.

Well, as usual, my oversized empty gold frame was proving to be a challenge. I love the way it looks, but with the other, full frames on the wall, it looked, well, empty. THEN! I came across this inspiration photo on pinterest and within mere minutes, my problem was solved.

My empty frame became this!

The higher camera is a Polaroid my parents gave me for my 19th birthday and the other one is Doug’s Pentax SLR he uses when he wants to experiment with film photography. Better than sitting on the shelf, right?


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5 thoughts on “Filling the Blank Frame”

  1. Slightly off topic, but I love the little cups hanging on your dish cabinet. Now that I have a matching set, I’m totally going to copy you. So there.

    1. I don’t think it’s considered copying me if that’s what the pegs are for… I mean I assume it’s what they’re there for… haha!

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