Memorial Day Table

Last Memorial Day was eventful, we helped Doug’s parents buy a new flat screen TV–their living room is in the basement and we had to haul the broken old 5,000,000 pound old one up the stairs… it took four of us, but we did it!

This Memorial Day we’re enjoying the fact that we’re both 100% obligation free for the first time in months. No work, no church, no nothin’. We’re going to tackle a project but take it leisurely–we have all day after all!

We picked up this beauty at Goodwill yesterday and it’s going to be our “training wheels” project for wood restoration. I decided I didn’t want to tackle our reupholstered chairs for my first project because I like them too much and don’t want to mess up. So we got all the stuff we need and today’s the day. I’ll show you how it turns out, for better or for worse!

Here’s the top:

I’m hoping for some dramatic improvements. If not, we could always paint the recessed part a bold color and seal it. (Actually, it would be cool to paint that section and then “dip” the legs in a matching or contrasting color).

Now after a good bout with Murphy’s Oil Soap:

We’re going places already. We have this kind of Murphy’s… we diluted it as per instructions and filled up an old spray bottle–so handy!

Now off to sand, oil, and wax! We’ll see how we do!


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